• We now offer complete VIRTUAL TOURS.

    We provide most types of photo, video, aerial mapping and inspections using drones and other forms of imaging devices. We have HD wireless cameras used for inspecting deep inside mines and other holes. We utilize state of the art FPV miniature off road 4×4 vehicles to crawl into shafts and other horizontal spaces to inspect and document.  Do you need to see all of the areas of your construction or job site from above? Do you have areas of your property, farm or mine that you need to see safely from your desk or living room? We can make it happen.

Not only can we handle the tough jobs, we can provide you with top notch images and video of your wedding, party or event. A drone fly away of your group is a winner for sure. It will give you an exciting video memory for many years to come. We have been in the wedding and event photo business for decades and not only provide you great services, we can also help you decide on what you need and how to display it to the world.

Real Estate Flyer
Real Estate Flyer

Our web development services are as good as you can find. We have managed personal and commercial websites and servers for most of our careers.
We know how to make your visual projects shine online and in print.

Real estate flyers, Virtual Tours, 360 Imaging, drone imaging, mapping, social media marketing. Youtube studio available.

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Need a promo or commercial for online or TV? Not only can we shoot the footage for you in 1080HD or 4K resolution, we have the creative and technical abilities to produce  what you need for advertising and promotions.

Indoor 360
Indoor flat 360 Click for larger view.

Indoor live 360 sample

 Drone live 360 sample

Please don’t worry about affordability. We are not only good at what we do, we love what we do. We price each job based on the work, time and travel involved. Our base rate is $250 per hour and we offer job and day rates to make all jobs manageable and budge-table. Please don’t hesitate to tell us exactly what you need and what you can afford. We will do our best to provide.


Starter – 10 Still Images – 1 Pano  $100
Starter w/Drone – above + Aerial Images & Video   $200

Step Up – 25 Still Images – 2 Pano   $175
Step Up w/Drone – above + Aerial Images & Video   $275

Max – 35 Still Images – 3 Pano   $250
Max w/Drone – above + Aerial Images & Video   $350.00

Drone Images & Video ONLY   $250

Extra Still Images   $5 each
Extra Aerial Stills   $10 each
Basic Room Panoramic Still (Pano)   $20
Full 360 Room, Active Panoramic Image   $75 per room. Multiple rooms will be tied together in a hotspot presentation.

50% deposit required upon confirmation of shoot. Balance due upon completion.
Drone flights consist of 5 minutes of flight time with full length, unedited video, plus 6 still images in HD resolution. Printable to 8.5×11 and higher.